5 octobre 2009

Documentaire sur Tom Barman

Tom Barman,
Portrait of a young Man as an Artist

A movie as a soundtrack, however this time the musical story is told by means of the pictures. It is a story about Tom Barman, the man who composed the soundtrack.

Public figure Tom Barman hardly needs introduction: he is front man of rock band dEUS, musical factotum and the man behind the 0110 happening against ultra-right. However the extrovert artist – who enchants, seduces, affects and inspires – hardly ever bares his soul. Klaas Janszoon, Barman’s longtime companion at dEUS, says: “After all these years I still believe that I get to know Tom more from his lyrics than from what he says to me.”

'Tom Barman, Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist' aims at baring this soul. From Pocket Revolution’s release two years ago to Vantage Point in 2008, from a full Ancienne Belgique to nearly empty campus clubs in the US, featuring Tom’s mother and the striking resemblances between her and her son. This movie follows the soundtrack of Tom Barman for a period of two years, through Antwerp, music, politics and life. For two years Tom allows the camera into his world as an exclusive friend.

Plus d'informations sur FilmNatie, je ne sais pas si ce documentaire sera distribué en France...je l'espère.